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Product Functional System Blends.


RECODAN™ is an off-white blend of food-grade stabilisers (and emulsifier) system in powder forms.It is a food grade material for use as an additive in manufactured foods. All components are based on raw materials of non-animal origin.

Application areas:

Milk beverage: UHT milk, UHT chocolate/malt milk, HTST milk, diluted milk, calcium enriched milk, coffee milk

Potential benefits:

  • Improves creaminess
  • Prevents fat separation
  • Improves stability at high storage and distribution condition
  • Improves stability for in-bottle sterilised products
  • Stabilises the cocoa particles, thereby reducing sedimentation
  • Enhances fat dispersion during production and particularly during sterilisation
  • Prevents formation of froth during mixing, thus avoiding fat deposits in the mixing vat
  • Imparts superior palatability to the finished milk. A more desirable viscosity and a richer taste are obtained.
  • Suspends insoluble calcium salts
  • Fortifies milk with up to 50% extra calcium (CAL PLUS-T)


CREMODAN® is a fully integrated blend of food-grade stabilisers(and emulsifier) system. It consists of uniform yellowish beads.

Application areas:

  • Hardened and soft-serve ice cream and milk ice
  • Soft-serve mix
  • Milk shake
  • Sorbet
  • Sherbet
  • Ice lollies

Potential benefits:

  • Ensures dust-free handling
  • Full effect of emulsifiers and stabilisers
  • Imparts very good stand-up properties and excellent melting resistance
  • Imparts creamy consistency with good mouthfeel
  • Imparts stability to UHT soft-serve mixes
  • Imparts smooth and uniform texture
  • Imparts excellent air distribution and stable overrun
  • Imparts excellent air distribution and stable overrun
  • Prevents colourings and flavourings from being drawn out of water ice


GRINDSTED®JU is an off-white blend of food-grade stabilisers (and salts) in powder form. This substance is a food grade material for use as an additive in manufactured food.

Application areas:

  • Fruit drinks and fruit drink concentrate
  • Pulp containing beverage
  • Ready-to-drink beverage

Potential benefits:

  • Improves mouthfeel
  • Increases pulp stability


YO-TEX® (Yogurt Emulsifier Blends) is an off-white bend of food grade emulsifiers and stabilisers in powder form. It is a food grade material for use as an additive in manufactured foods.

Application areas:

  • Set yoghurt
  • Dinking yoghurt
  • Flavoured fermented milk products

Potential benefits:

  • Provide protein stabilization
  • Superior syneresis control
  • Superior syneresis control
  • Gives creamy mouthfeel with good flavour release
  • Reduces foaming during filling
  • Reduce whey off tendency
  • Improve product’s resistance to shear and heat treatment



  • Derived from native cellulose, a major structural element in plants
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) – acid treatment of cellulose to remove amorphous material and leave behind crystalline fragments
  • Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) – chemically derivatized cellulose to make it hydrate in water
  • Negatively charged, so can interact with protein (including protein containing drinks)
  • MCC - forms soft gels at sufficient concentration, is relatively inert and has good suspension properties
  • CMC – cold hydrating to form clear, viscous liquids; an alternative to pectin for stabilisation of proteins at low pH


  • Endosperm flour from seeds of annual plant Cyamopsis tetragonobulus
  • Consists chiefly of a high-molecular-weight hydrocolloidal polysaccharide, composed of galactose and mannose units combined through a glycosidic linkages, which may be described chemically as a galactomannan.
  • Galactomannan, uncharged, with many attachments of galactose sugars to mannan backbone
  • Cold hydrating, forming cloudy dispersions
  • Thickens to high viscosity
  • Synergism with xanthan to further increase viscosity
  • Most suitable in neutral/slightly acidic applications


  • Formed during fermentation of the bacterium, Xanthomonas campestris
  • Cellulosic backbone with side chains of mannose (x2) and glucuronic acid
  • Cold hydrating to form very thick solutions
  • Very strong shear thinning hydrocolloid, can be exploited in suspension applications
  • Excellent acid stability
  • Well suited to culinary applications at various pH values

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