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Product Starch.

Starch (Modified Cassava Flour)

Modified cassava flour is a modified starch made using selected cassava as raw material. This starch has been pregelatinized naturally by cooking with a certain temperature. Therefore, it can be gelatinized without the use of hot water.


  • Instant
  • Easy to absorb water so it can be used as filter and thickener (high viscosity)
  • Making product more rise and crisp
  • Making dough easier and smoother
  • Making product more quickly cooked, less oil & time needed

Application areas:

  • Coated peanut: as a glue and sowing flour, makes the shell more rise and crisp
  • Snack, cracker: as a glue flour, makes the dough smoother and less sticky, and as a result the product becomes more rise and crisp
  • Seasoning powder (fried food): as a glue flour for coating dough, makes product more puffing, crunch, and crispy
  • Sausage, nugget, meat ball, pempek/fishcake: as a glue flour for the coating dough, makes product more rubbery
  • Sauces, gravy, mayonnaise: as a thickener, makes the manufacturing process more efficient due to the instant property of the pregelatinized starch
  • Other applications: mosquito coils, charcoal briquettes, textiles

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