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Tegar Inti Sentosa

The Natural Partner For Your Food Ingredient Needs Since 1975

We provide a wide range of food ingredients for the food industries spread all over Indonesia, meeting the needs of millions of consumers every day. Continuing to work for more than 40 years and growing, TegarInti Sentosa is a leading company in sales, marketing, and distribution of food ingredients in Indonesia.

We understand that every food industry is concerned with taste, product texture, appearance, shelf life, to sustainability of production. We provide healthy and functional ingredients for easy and efficient manufacturing process. We have partnered with best multinational manufacturers of food ingredients that sustainably deliver the highest quality products. We have selected proven portfolio products by trial and testing for immediate application to ease our customers’ productselection process.Our principal also provides tailor made solution for the specific needs of each different customer.

Wide ranging technical expertise is ready to support our customers in determining the right materials to be applied in their production. During these times we have accumulated a library of know-how to support each specific market with a team of experts. We continue to gather practical information in order to serve our customers better. We are always ready to transfer our know-howfor your benefit.

We also accentuate the increasingly stringent safety & quality requirements implemented in the industry. Our

products meet ISO standards and food safety regulations. Each product will be procured with HALAL & KOSHER certificates. To facilitate our customers, we make agreements with our suppliers to form a good system in the stock supply along with keeping track of inventory. Therefore, Tegar can ensure that our customers get the right products that fit with high quality and on time delivery as promised.

Inspired from the appearance of palm trees from above, as it is being used as one of the main ingredient of Tegar products. The palm trees rise above the other to best defining Tegar value as a company for its resourcefulness.

The Color Combination.

Reflects reliability and stability that givesTegar trustworthiness to its customer.

Embodies the vibrancy of Tegar that express modernity.

It is commonly associated with growth, harmony, and wealth. Tegar is growing in harmony with the ability to deliver excellent service throughout its wings.

We began our history at 1976 as a food division of Rotaryana Company. For more than 10 years, we have been a supplier of food ingredients formany food industries in Indonesia.

In 1987, Tegar Inti Sentosa was officially established as a group of companies from Rotaryana.
Our warehouse hascapacity of 2000 tons. This placehelps us in accommodating stock inventory and customer orders. Meaning that we also support & minimize our customers’raw material storage.

This place is also equipped with cold storage rooms, with capacity of 100 tons, to maintain product performance during the storage period.

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