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Product Natural Antimicrobials (Preservative).

NATAMAX™ Antimicrobials

NATAMAX is a natural preservative used to control spoilage due to yeast and mould growth in a variety of foods and beverages.This commercial product is manufactured by fermentation of actinomycete bacterium, Streptomycesnatalensis, in carbohydrate-based medium. The fermentation process produces natamycin (also known as pimaricin), which is an antimycotic agent. It is then concentrated, crystallised, and dried, before being blended with lactose to give a 50% blend natamycin with lactose. It is effective against a wide variety of yeasts and moulds but has no effect on bacteria.

The antimycotic acts by combining with ergosterol and other sterol that are present in the cell membranes of yeasts and moulds but not in bacteria. The irreversible binding of natamycin to ergosterol inhibits ergosterol synthesis and disrupts the cell membrane, leading to an increase in membrane permeability, a consequent leakage of essential material and eventual cell lysis.

The use of NATAMAX™ as a food preservative provides these following benefits:

  • Extends food shelf life by the control of spoilage due to yeast and mould contamination
  • Improves food safety by the protection against mycotoxin production
  • Meets consumers’ demands for food preserved with natural ingredients
  • Reduces product recalls resulting from spoilage. This not only protects the reputation of the food manufacturer but also cuts manufacturing costs
  • Cost-effective solution due to high efficacy at low concentration and wide range of pH
  • Imparts no adverse flavour to food, unlike sorbates that often confer a bitter taste
  • Does not act against bacteria – unlike sorbates. This makes it useful for food products such as cheese and dry sausages in which bacteria are key to the ripening process
  • Remains on the surface of food for a prolonged period of time. This not only minimises its effect on the taste and texture of the food, but also keeps the preservative at effective levels where contamination usually occurs
  • Proven to be a safe antimycotic agent and has been used in a variety of food products for more than 30 years. It has been approved as a food additive in over 40 countries

NATAMAX™ can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • The surface treatment of hard/semi-hard cheese, including coatings and suspensions
  • Spraying onto shredded cheese
  • The surface treatment of processedmeat and fish products: ex. dry sausage
  • Direct addition to yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese, and cottage cheese
  • Direct addition to tomato purée, fruit juice, fruit pulp, and wine
  • Bakery products
  • Canned food
  • Quick frozen lobster, fish pastes, fish roe, and spawn

NISAPLIN® Antimicrobials

NISAPLIN®is a natural antimicrobial agent that has been used worldwide since 1953 to control bacterial spoilage in both heat-processed and low-pH foods. Nisin, the active ingredient in NISAPLIN®, is a natural polypeptide antibacterial produced by the fermentation of Lactococcus lactis in a milk-based medium, from which the nisin product is concentrated, separated, and spray dried before milling into fine particles. It is then standardised to a specific potency by the addition of sodium chloride.

Nisin is effective against a wide range of Gram-positive bacteria and is particularly effective against the heat resistant spores produced by Gram-positive Bacillus and Clostridium spp. Nisin has no effect against Gram-negative bacteria, yeasts or moulds. The addition of NISAPLIN® will result in either destruction of bacterial cells or prevention of their growth by targeting the cytoplasmic membrane.

The use of NISAPLIN® as a food preservative provides these following benefits:

  • Extends food shelf life by preventing spoilage and protecting against temperature abuse
  • Meets consumers’ demands for food preserved with natural ingredients
  • Enhances product quality by maintaining shelf life with reduced processing temperatures
  • Reduces manufacturing and distribution costs by protecting against temperature abuse of chilled products;by allowing lower processing times and temperatures; and by allowing ambient instead of chilled storage and distribution of some products, such as cheese
  • Allowing for new product formulation, that is less acidic formulation

NISAPLIN® is effective in a variety of applications across a wide range of pH levels, including:

  • Dairy: cheese products (processed cheese, cheese spread, club cheese, blended cheese, direct-acidified fresh cheeses, natural ripened cheese); cream products (flavoured, whipped, thickened, sour cream, etc.); dairy and fat-based dessert; yogurt; recombined and flavoured milk
  • Fruit & vegetable preparation: pulp, pasteurised fruit juice, plant-protein-based beverages, coconut water
  • Dips & snacks
  • Pasteurised liquid egg products
  • Low pH sauces and toppings including mayonnaise and salad dressings
  • Pasteurised soups and sauces

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