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Product Antioxidants.

GRINDOX™ Antioxidants

The autoxidation of fats and oils is a major problem in the food industry of today, and the problem has been attracting increasing attention in recent years. Autoxidation leads to the development of off-flavour in food products, and the consumption or rancid food has an adverse effect on health.

GRINDOX™ Antioxidants used in foods improve product quality and shelf life considerably by delaying lipid oxidation and rancidity, that develop when food products come into contact with atmospheric oxygen during processing and storage. Rancidity often follows oxidation in food products, causing an unpleasant smell and taste as well as loss of nutritional value – and this is unacceptable to modern consumers.

All compound of the GRINDOX™ Antioxidants range have specific functions in individual GRINDOX™ Antioxidants blends. The main benefits are described below.

Components Functions
Antioxidants, vitamin-based
Antioxidants, traditional
  • Delay lipid oxidation
  • Prolong shelf-life
  • Maintain product quality
  • Ensure synergistic effects between selected antioxidants
  • Give good handling and working conditions when blends are used
  • Prevent traces of metal ions from initiating oxidation
  • Ensure uniform distribution and optimum effect of antioxidants
  • Facilitate incorporation in liquid, paste or powder forms
  • Present the choice between fat-soluble or water-dispersible blends

Extension of shelf life by delaying lipid oxidation
Antioxidants delay lipid oxidations because they prevent lipid free radicals from initiating the self-accelerating oxidation process that takes places when the radicals come in contact with oxygen.

Maintaining product quality
By delaying lipid oxidation, antioxidants also make it possible to maintain initial product quality for a longer period, ensuring a minimum of charge or deterioration in taste, odour, texture, and nutritional value.

Consistent product quality
Antioxidants also function as a quality assurance, enabling consistent quality to be obtained from batch to batch. In this way, it is possible to compensate for initial differences between raw material lots.

Uniform distribution of antioxidants
GRINDOX™ Antioxidant blends are homogeneous products because optimum dissolution of the antioxidants components is obtained by means of carefully selected carriers. The main advantage of this uniform distribution of antioxidants in the blends is that the full effect of the antioxidants is only achieved when they are well dissolved from the outset. Secondly, it is easier for food manufacturers to incorporate and disperse GRINDOX™ Antioxidant bends optimally in end products.

Synergistic effects
When a blend of antioxidants is used, each antioxidant boosts the effect of the others. The result is greater stability than that achieved when the equivalent dosage of a single antioxidant is used. Synergistic effects are of particular interest when vitamin-based antioxidants are combined, for instance when ascorbyl palmitate and tocopherols are used together. Synergy can also be obtained by using substances which are not antioxidants themselves but which are able to enhance the effect of antioxidants. For instance, certain chelators are often used as synergists.

Prevention of metal-catalysed oxidation
Metal-catalysed oxidation can occur in food products in the presence of trace metal ions such as iron and copper. GRINDOX™ Antioxidant blends often include chelators which are able to bind these trace metal ions so they do not initiate oxidation processes.

Water-dispersible and fat-soluble blends
The GRINDOX™ Antioxidant range comprises blends which can be incorporated via fat or water phases. These application options are obtained by means of carefully carriers. Water-dispersible blends present a special application option. They can be recommended for products consisting of multi-phase systems, such as potato crisps, mayonnaise, dressings, etc. For application in oil or fat phases, on the other hand, fat-soluble blends can be offered. GRINDOX™ Antioxidant in the form of liquid, powder, or flakes are also available.

Good handling and working conditions
Good working conditions can be obtained and dust problems minimised when paste and liquid blends are used. Thus, the risk of eyes, skin, and lungs coming into contact with aggressive components is reduced. It is also possible to avoid time-consuming weighing and other handling operations in production when one blend is used instead of several individual antioxidants.

Main application of vitamin-based GRINDOX™ Antioxidants:

  • Vegetable oils
  • Partially hardened fats
  • Animal fats
  • Marine oils
  • Margarine & spreads
  • Frying oils/fats
  • Meat
  • Peanuts
  • Biscuits, crackers, cookies, wafers
  • Bakery filling & jam
  • Snacks, deep fried
  • Snacks, extruded
  • Mayonnaise/dressings
  • Dehydrated potatoes
  • Pet food

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