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Increase viscosity & stability.
Improve creaminess & heat stability.
Texture modification.


An off-white powder of xanthan gum for use in food applications where quick hydration, easy handling, and normal processing condition is desirable. This cold soluble gum is particularly seful for thickening and stabilising, synergistic with guar and locust bean gum. It’s application areas includes beverages (powder mixes), cake mixes, dry sauce mixes, desserts, salad dressings.


A food grade guar gum which is obtained from the ground endosperms of cluster bean. Used as thickening agent for application in the areas of beverages, dressings, general thickener, sauces & gravies, and soups.

GRINDSTED® Cellulose Gum*

An off-white powder of highly purified carboxymethylcellulose for application in the areas of acidified protein drinks with low protein contents and provides a milky texture, including milk fruit juice drinks, diluted yogurt drinks, juices, squashes, syrups, and dairy-free alternatives based on vegetable proteins.

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GRINDOX® Antioxidants*

A highly effective antioxidant mixture of natural tocopherols with ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C palmitate) and lecithin, (and also food grade emulsifiers as carrier). Other mixture contains TBHQ, citric acid, and propylene glycol. For application in the areas of fats & oils, baked products, snack foods, meat & poultry products, dressings, etc.

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Made from edible, refined, hydrogenated sunflower or palm oil. For application in the areas of UHT vegetable whipping cream, yeast raised bread, biscuits, cookies and shortening for bakery products.

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NISAPLIN® Antimicrobials*

A natural antibacterial based in nisin, which is a polypeptide produced by fermentation of bacterial strain. This antimicrobial is effective in a variety of food products including processed cheese & cheese spreads, other cheese products, cream products, dairy &fat-based desserts, yogurt, recombined & flavoured milks, fruit & vegetable preparations, lant-protein-basedbeverages and coconut milk, dips & snacks, pasteurised egg products, sauces & toppings, pasteurised soups, canned vegetables, processed meats, fermentation products.

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Provides stable and appropriate colour

Natural Colour


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Provides consistent high-quality taste & aroma Restores flavour lost during food processing



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